extrapage: Augmented reading solution
A unique augmented reading experience where digital enriches the paper edition without replacing it. Can be used hands-free with the tablet in the background, complementing the book.

Unique augmented reading experience
Digital immersion in the book, hands-free
Simple to install and use
Internationally patented solution

extrapage transforms the threat from digital into an opportunity for paper books.

The principle is simple, the reader opens the book and folds the extrapage into a support to hold the tablet. A frame equipped with a mirror is then put in position and the book app is launched. As the reader reads, the device automatically recognizes the pages and displays content to enrich the reading experience: images, videos, sounds, voices, interactive games, etc.

extrapage enables a tablet to be used as a third, interactive book page. The user has their hands free to turn the pages and interact with the immersive content. The tablet remains in the background and the book remains in front. The device is simple, affordable, non-electronic and easy to install and use.

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